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The village of Srnín is located in the picturesque Šumava foothills, near Kleť Mountain and near Český Krumlov, which is listed on the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List. It was here in 1956 that the construction of the bakery began, which officially started operating in the autumn of 1960.

At that time, there was a three-story steam furnace heated by wood and coal, which was transported here by rail, a war machine, an automatic divider and a Maxim roll machine. Products that were placed here by hand quickly gained the popularity of customers and the operating capacity soon did not meet the demand.

While bakeries in the surrounding villages were closed down, it was soon decided in Srnín to expand operations and build a new building. And it paid off. After all, in 1965, the bakery, where 85 employees worked at the time, produced 3,198 tons of bread, 910 tons of ordinary bread and 390 tons of pastry. In 1987, there were 5,000 tons of all kinds of bread, 55 tons of dark rolls and 47 tons of confectionery, of which 3 tons of puff pastry tubes.

After the change in social conditions, new challenges awaited the Srnín bakery. It was privatized in the early 1990s. One of the main tasks of that time was to harmonize the art and good name of South Bohemian bakers and confectioners with the current conditions and requirements of the time. This is still true today.